About Me

My name is Chad Antinora.  I am engaged to a wonderful woman, whom I love very much. I am often described as kind and caring, except when I’m not. Then, when I’m not, I’m an intolerable ass. I’m opinionated and politically conscious. I’m NOT religious in any way. I am a nerd, a geek. I enjoy all things tech and am constantly expanding my collection of gadgets. I read constantly and have an extensive collection of books (almost 2000 at last count.)

I’m a musician and can play a large variety of instruments. A highlight list includes: Violin, Cello, Guitar, Bass and Drums. I play most stringed instruments and a good amount of percussion. I began playing at the age of 7 and have never stopped trying to expand my knowledge of music and increase my list of playable instruments.

I am a singer. I have been singing since I was very little and was in the Fontana Honor Choir when I was 10. I can sing many styles ranging from popular music to standards, from showtunes to more complex songs that border on operatic. While I find singing in public to be nerve racking, my theater experience has led to me singing in public quite often. Every now and then I’ll do karaoke with friends.

I am an actor. I have been in numerous plays and enjoy it immensely. A short list of plays and parts: Jolly St. Nick/Cpt. Holly(Lead); Harvey/Dr. Sanderson; Godspell/Judas x 1, Jesus x 3 (Lead); Camelot/Dinadan; South Pacific/Cmdr. Harbison. I have been in other small plays by unknown writers. I have helped write scripts for two shows that I also was in.

I am an amateur photographer. I stared in that field in 2006 and went from photographing things around the house to photographing models and helping to expand their portfolios. While I haven’t gone out on a serious photoshoot since 2009, I still try to shoot around as much as my job and my home life allows.

I am an IT professional. I am currently the IT Administrator and Technician for a K-8 and 9-12 school. I am directly responsible for 2 firewalls, 6 servers, and over 300 client machines. Since I work at a school, my time is mostly spent trying to prevent pre-teens and teenagers from accessing content that they should not, and dealing with WinXP’s weak security when it comes to the ability to change wallpapers and screensavers.

I am an avid cook and love to spend time in the kitchen. I always try to take what I have and make something new and tasty for my love. I’m known for my Rubbed BBQ Beef Spare Ribs. And, while not trying to be conceited, I have been told by nearly everyone I know that my ribs are the best they’ve ever had. I excel at other grilled dishes, thanks to a few tips from Wolfgang Puck on the subject. I make my own sauces from scratch in all my dishes. I lack the ability to cook fish. I am always afraid that it’s not quite done, and, as such, overcook it whenever I try.

I love Anime. I have seen a lot of it and consider myself a good judge of what is entertaining and what is just bad. I love to watch good television shows and indie movies.

I void warranties. I always modify my equipment in some way to make it mine or to increase it’s functionality. My most recent modification was to add an external hard drive to my Wii to allow me to rip my games off the disc and play them directly from the hard drive. This facilitates my need to constantly change from one game to the next without getting up from the couch.

I can be VERY lazy.