Blockbuster or Netflix?

Not too long ago Blockbuster jumped into the ring with Netflix to offer a streaming service and a delivery home rental service.  When this happened I couldn’t wait try out Blockbuster’s service.  Now that I have, I’ll let you know what I think about each service.

When you’re going to choose a service like that being provided by these two companies, you have to ask a few questions.  Will I be getting Bluray?  Will I be watching more streaming video?  Do I want to get video games?  Before I go into what I think you should choose and why, here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each.

Unlimited Free Streaming
Very Large DVD/Bluray Library
Wide Variety of Netflix capable devices
Quick Delivery turnaround

Streaming and Delivery service seperate cost
Bluray delivery costs extra
No Games

Bluray/DVD/Game delivery for one cost!
They have games!
Low cost
Large DVD/Bluray library
Gets new releases sooner

Streaming service requires you to rent a video for 24 hours like Zune
Slow turnaround time for delivery

The Verdict
So, what’s the verdict?  Well, here’s my advice.  If  you don’t have a bluray player and you don’t have a netflix ready device, you could go either way.  But, I say go Blockbuster.  If you do, when you get a bluray player, you just pick bluray discs to have deliver at no extra cost.  Also, you get games.  So that leads me to, if you have gaming systems, get Blockbuster.  Gamefly is too expensive to have an account with them AND with Netflix.  Get Blockbuster.  If you have a Netflix ready device and do more streaming, I say get the Netflix streaming service and forgo the delivery service.  So, to put it plainly.  If you have game systems, or bluray, get Blockbuster.  If you would do more streaming, go Netflix.


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