Notepad++.  Notepad++ is an app that I thank the gods for.  It is a notepad app on steroids.  If you’ve used gedit or the like, this is a lot like what Notepad++ offers.  However, gedit on windows is slow and has lag when it’s loading anything, and Notepad++ is fast.  If you haven’t seen it before and do any kind of script editing.  If you want to do this fast and jump into an environment with scripts being color coded according to their language, this is the app for you.  And when the price tag is free?  What do you have to lose.

What sets it above?  Versatility.
Notepad++ can interpret as many coding languages as I think there are.  And, it’s constantly being updated.  There are also plugins to expand the functionality of the app.  Customizable workspaces and more.  I could go on forever about what I love about this app, but I’ll say this.  This app has made my life as a coder easier.

Try it!
Below find links to the apps discussed in this article.

Notepad++ (Download)


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