DVD Decrypter

DVD Decrypter is a free easy to use DVD Ripper.  If you’re trying to rip a DVD to your HD, don’t go out and spend any money on commercial apps.  Look instead to DVD Decrypter.  This allows you to rip to VOB files where you can then use free program Handbrake to convert those into an AVI or MKV.  Now, the project was abandoned a few years ago;  and so, this program could not work for some DVDs.  I haven’t run into any issues, yet.  But, who knows what tomorrow shall bring.  But I say, make hay while the sun shines and this is a great little app.

What sets it above? Ease of Use
I can’t stress how easy it is to use this program.  You set the mod to one of the three options; to ISO, to IFO or to DISC.  Want to rip a simple ISO file for a compact easy to manage file that you can burn to disc at any time?  Choose ISO mode and click the “Disk to HD” button and wait till it’s done.  Want to rip VOB files?  Chose IFO mode and click the “Disk to HD” button and wait till it’s done.  Want to burn a backup to disc?  Choose to disk mode and select either the ISO file (I’d actually use ImgBurn for this, but DVD Decrypter can do it,) or the folder with the VOB files and then choose the “HD to disk” button and wait for it to be done.  It’s that easy!

Try it!
Due to my lack of knowledge about legality I will not link to it directly.  However, if you ask Google for it it will tell you where to download it.


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