What’s your Pinterest?

Pinboards have been a tool of designers of every stripe for years.  I have a friend that is a fashion designer and she turned me on to the practice.  Let’s say you’re designing a line of clothing.  Well, you’d collect pictures and swatches of whatever you wanted to base the line on.  A piece of architecture, a forrest, a swatch of different textiles, a paint chip, a picture of family… whatever you could draw inspiration from.  Then you’d put that all onto a board and hang it in your workspace to refer to while working, or stare at while creating.  Well, pinboards just got an upgrade.

Enter Pinterest.  This site allows you to setup digital pinboards and use the internet to draw out inspiration.  Thinking of redecorating?  Make a pinboard for that, and when you see something online that you think you’d like in your house, or a how-to on giving that old chair new life, pin it.  Thinking of getting married?  Pin cakes you like, dresses you like, flower arrangements, invitation ideas, pin it all!  But don’t stop there, because Pinterest is also a great place to share what you like or love about the internet, and about the world.  See a funny picture?  Pin it to a humor board.  See a really cool car?  Pin it.  Use Pinterest to collect your favorite pieces of the web.

What do I use Pinterest for?  I use it to collect recipes I want to try, photography ideas and DIY, landscaping ideas for my yard, collect schematics for electronics I want to build, and much, much more!  If you’re a creative type, I think you should use Pinterest to allow you to collect some Pinspiration to create something Pinteresting.


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