I am constantly working en between windows and linux.  This causes me some pretty frustrating issues when I’m working in the windows command line or in a linux terminal.  For example, I prefer to use the commands ls, cat, less, grep and wget a LOT when I’m in the linux command terminal.  So, when I’m […]

What’s your Pinterest?

Pinboards have been a tool of designers of every stripe for years.  I have a friend that is a fashion designer and she turned me on to the practice.  Let’s say you’re designing a line of clothing.  Well, you’d collect pictures and swatches of whatever you wanted to base the line on.  A piece of […]

British TV Shows You Should Watch

British television has put out some classic television over the years.  They were the birthplace of Monty Python’s Flying Circus!  But lately I would say that they have put out shows that blow American Television out of the water.  The quality of actors and writers is so high that I’ve been able to continuously watch […]

Push Notifications to XBMC

I love XBMC.  When the XBOX360  came out I modded my Xbox to become a media center and loved it.  I’ve since upgraded to a PC running XBMC.  In this article we’re gonna look at how to get notifications from an Android phone to XBMC. This can be a useful tool to have.  For example, […]

Hello Android

Well, for my first post, I thought that I would give you a run down of the Android applications I can’t live without.  I know there are a TON of other articles on the net devoted to this very same thing, but none of them list all the ones that I particularly like.  So here […]