Blockbuster or Netflix?

Not too long ago Blockbuster jumped into the ring with Netflix to offer a streaming service and a delivery home rental service.  When this happened I couldn’t wait try out Blockbuster’s service.  Now that I have, I’ll let you know what I think about each service. When you’re going to choose a service like that […]


Notepad++.  Notepad++ is an app that I thank the gods for.  It is a notepad app on steroids.  If you’ve used gedit or the like, this is a lot like what Notepad++ offers.  However, gedit on windows is slow and has lag when it’s loading anything, and Notepad++ is fast.  If you haven’t seen it […]

DVD Decrypter

DVD Decrypter is a free easy to use DVD Ripper.  If you’re trying to rip a DVD to your HD, don’t go out and spend any money on commercial apps.  Look instead to DVD Decrypter.  This allows you to rip to VOB files where you can then use free program Handbrake to convert those into […]


I am constantly working en between windows and linux.  This causes me some pretty frustrating issues when I’m working in the windows command line or in a linux terminal.  For example, I prefer to use the commands ls, cat, less, grep and wget a LOT when I’m in the linux command terminal.  So, when I’m […]

What’s your Pinterest?

Pinboards have been a tool of designers of every stripe for years.  I have a friend that is a fashion designer and she turned me on to the practice.  Let’s say you’re designing a line of clothing.  Well, you’d collect pictures and swatches of whatever you wanted to base the line on.  A piece of […]

British TV Shows You Should Watch

British television has put out some classic television over the years.  They were the birthplace of Monty Python’s Flying Circus!  But lately I would say that they have put out shows that blow American Television out of the water.  The quality of actors and writers is so high that I’ve been able to continuously watch […]